Twitter Removes More InfoWars-Affiliated Accounts

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo in this illustration picture taken September 27, 2013. (Reuters/Kacper Pempel)

On April 16th, Twitter suspended at least four accounts tied to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Among those suspended was InfoWars personality Owen Shroyer, who had recently used Twitter to promote a rally in Austin, Texas against the state’s stay-at-home order. Shroyer has used his accounts to discredit reports that hospitals are overwhelmed by coronavirus patients, though his account was not removed for this reason.

Twitter told Right Wing Watch, a site that reports on right-wing extremists, that the accounts were suspended because they had violated the company’s “manipulation and spam policy” which prohibits creating accounts with the purpose to “replace or mimic a suspended account.”

In September 2018, the social media company permanently suspended Alex Jones and Infowars from their platform for violating the company’s policy on “abusive behavior,” which prohibits the targeted harassment of an individual. 

Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify have each imposed similar bans on Jones and his website for a variety of reasons.

But Jones and Infowars have found ways to circumvent the many social media bans imposed on them. According to Right Wing Watch, Infowars evade bans by creating “satellite properties” that share Infowars content without Infowars branding.

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