Academic Freedom
Alabama State House, Montgomery, West view

Alabama Lawmakers Advance Bill That Could Lead to Prosecution of Librarians

Opponents argued the proposal would threaten librarians with criminal prosecution if community members disagreed with their decisions on books and programs.

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Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis campaigns in South Carolina

DeSantis Narrows Focus of Florida Book Challenge Law, Blaming Liberal Activist

PEN America issued a report saying Florida is responsible for 72% of the books that have been pulled from the nation’s schools in the first half of the current school year.

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A Little Free Library contains banned books in Houston

Librarians Fear New Penalties, Even Prison, as Activists Challenge Books

Across the country, book challenges and bans have soared to the highest levels in decades, and lawmakers are considering new punishments.

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Arkansas State Capitol

High School Teacher and Students Sue Over Arkansas’ Ban on Critical Race Theory

The lawsuit argues the restrictions violate free speech protections under the First Amendment and the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

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Pro-Palestinian Faculty Sue To Stop Penn From Giving Wide Swath of Files to Congress

Some faculty fear the school is poised to send files, emails, student records and other material to Congress, putting both their safety and academic freedom at risk.

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Revelers participate in the pride parade in Tampa

Settlement Clarifies What’s Legal Under Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law

Florida’s 2022 law was created to push back against what conservatives characterize as efforts to indoctrinate kids to a liberal ideology.

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classroom lecture chairs

Indiana Lawmakers Send GOP Bill Targeting Tenure to Governor’s Desk

Opponents at colleges say it would effectively do away with tenure, a coveted status ensuring employment that can be terminated only under specific circumstances.

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books on shelves

Georgia Senate Considers Controls on School Libraries and Criminal Charges for Librarians

Opponents said it’s important for students to be able to explore their interests and that the bill could violate students’ First Amendment rights.

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