Newsmaker Interviews

Every Tuesday, First Amendment Watch will publish a thought-provoking interview with a leading First Amendment expert or newsmaker that takes you to the front lines of the most pressing issues of the day.

Headshot of Donald Sherman

Donald Sherman of CREW on Challenging Trump’s Candidacy Under the Insurrection Clause

In an interview, Sherman reflected on the Supreme Court’s oral arguments and warned of the effects on democracy if Trump is not held accountable for his actions on Jan. 6, 2021.

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One of E. Jean Carroll's attorneys, Joshua Matz, of Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP.

Attorney Joshua Matz on E. Jean Carroll’s Legal Victory Against Donald Trump

The former Elle Magazine advice columnist has been awarded a total of $88.3 million in damages in her nearly six-year defamation legal battle against former President Donald Trump.

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Caitlin Vogus, deputy director of advocacy at Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Press Freedom Advocate Caitlin Vogus on the Importance of the PRESS Act

In an interview, Caitlin Vogus, deputy director of advocacy at Freedom of the Press Foundation, discussed the importance of the PRESS Act and its proposed protections.

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ACLU legal director david cole

ACLU’s David Cole on the Decision to Represent the NRA Before the Supreme Court

In an interview, ACLU legal director David Cole, who will argue the NRA’s case in front of the Supreme Court, discussed protecting free speech rights despite disagreement.

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Portrait of Laurie Halse Anderson. Photo by Randy Fontanilla.

Best-Selling Author Laurie Halse Anderson on Challenging Iowa’s Controversial Book Ban

The new Iowa law, which was temporarily blocked in December, sought to ban books containing sexual content in public school libraries and classrooms through sixth grade.

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Will Creeley speaks on a panel at the National First Amendment Summit in Philadelphia

FIRE’s Will Creeley on Campus Speech Controversies Amid Israel-Hamas War

In an interview with First Amendment Watch, Will Creeley of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression discussed the First Amendment questions surrounding recent campus controversies.

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