Campus Speech
U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce holds a hearing related to pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses

Rutgers, Northwestern Defend Deals With Protesters: ‘We Had To Get the Encampment Down’

The hearing Thursday is the latest in a series of hearings by the House Committee on Education and the Workforce into how colleges have responded to the protests and allegations of antisemitism.

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A coalition of pro-Palestinian University of Michigan students and supporters protest in the street

Police Break Up Pro-Palestinian Camp at the University of Michigan

Officers wearing helmets with face shields cleared approximately 50 people from the Diag, known for decades as a site for campus protests, citing a threat to public safety.

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Police break up pro-Palestinian encampment at DePaul University in Chicago

Police Dismantle Pro-Palestinian Encampment at DePaul University in Chicago

The AP has recorded at least 80 incidents since April 18 where arrests were made at campus protests across the U.S. More than 2,960 people have been arrested.

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College students protest on University of Michigan campus

Protesters Place Fake Bloody Corpses at Home of University of Michigan Official

The university said the protest at her home was not free speech. School officials have not disclosed any plans to break up the encampment on campus, which was created in April.

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Protests in support of Palestinians continue at Columbia University in New York

NC Bill To Curb Mask-Wearing in Protests Could Make It Illegal for Medical Reasons Too

One critic of the bill, prompted in part by the recent wave of protests on universities nationwide, called the legislation an "anti-protest bill" that aimed to curb free speech.

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Protest at George Washington University, in Washington

Police Clear Pro-Palestinian Protest Camp and Arrest 33 at George Washington University

Tensions have ratcheted up in standoffs with protesters of the Israel-Hamas war on campuses across the United States and increasingly in Europe.

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2022 U.S. midterm elections

Ohio AG Warns Protesters in Masks Could Face Felony Charges Under Anti-KKK Law

The law is contained in a single sentence: “No person shall unite with two or more others to commit a misdemeanor while wearing white caps, masks, or other disguise.”

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Protest encampment at University Yard in support of Palestinians in Gaza

Commencement Ceremonies on US Campuses Roiled by Protests Over the Israel-Hamas War

As many campuses have been roiled by protests over the Israel-Hamas war, some school administrations have taken steps to contain disruptions during commencement.

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