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Select Committee to Investigate January 6th

A Bitter Pill: Does the First Amendment Protect John Eastman’s Defense of the ‘Big Lie’?

Re-printed with permission by First Amendment News, constitutional scholar Stephen Rohde examines the First Amendment arguments made by John Eastman, former attorney for Donald Trump who is currently facing disciplinary proceedings in California that could lead to his disbarment.

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The Byron White Courthouse in Denver

10th Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Public Right to Record Police

The court referenced First Amendment principles and the previous six U.S. appeals courts' decisions as relevant precedents to decide in favor of a self-identified journalist YouTube blogger, Abade Irizarry.

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Supreme Court

Breaking with Tradition, Supreme Court To Provide Live Audio of Oral Arguments

“Despite the justices' unwillingness to bring the modern technologies of video into the courtroom, the COVID-19 pandemic reveals how some communication technologies can change the culture of the proceedings and how the court communicates with the public,” Ron Collins said in response to the court's decision.

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