New Poll Says Trust in the Fourth Estate Growing

Reporters have had a tumultuous time under the new administration: called out as fake news, personally maligned and thwarted in their reporting. Trust in the news media plummeted as a result. Now there may be a turnaround according to a new poll in which Americans say the press doing its job well. Will the administration agree?

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College Students: We ‘Sort Of’ Support First Amendment

In a recent Brookings survey of current undergraduate students at U.S. four-year colleges and universities, researchers found that "Freedom of expression is deeply imperiled on U.S. campuses." A lack of understanding of First Amendment protections imperils the future of free speech. Is it to late to fix the underlying misconceptions?

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Mapping Threats and Protests Gains Prominence

The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker has debuted as a “centralized repository for research” to understand “the number of press freedom […]

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