Capitol Riot

Reclaiming the Narrative: Defamation Lawsuits and the 2020 Election

Join us on May 19th for a FAW Public Forum conversation with Lyrissa Lidsky, RonNell Andersen Jones, and Jonathan Peters about Dominion and Smartmatic's defamation lawsuits challenging Fox News' election coverage. Is libel law the best way to tackle disinformation, or could this strategy unintentionally make it easier for bad actors to sue journalists?

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Akhil Reed Amar: “The Words that Made Us: America’s Constitutional Conversation, 1760-1840”

In his newest book, The Words that Made Us: America’s Constitutional Conversation 1760-1840, Yale law professor and constitutional historian Akhil Reed Amar tells the story of the first 80 years of democratic debate in the United States. This excerpt focuses on the origins of America’s newspaper culture and the central role it played in forming our democracy.

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Scales of Justice

Federal Appeals Court Panel Upholds Virginia Sign Restrictions Near Highways

Virginia law that prohibits signage “within the limits of any highway” does not violate the First Amendment, a federal appeals court has ruled. The appeals court also rejected a vagueness challenge to the Virginia scheme, even though there is no express distance listed in the law regarding how close is “within the limits.”  

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Florida Governor

Florida Governor Faces Two Lawsuits Challenging Anti-Protest Law

Since Florida Governor Ron. DeSantis signed the “Combating Public Disorder” act into law this past April, civil liberties groups across the country have questioned its constitutionality. Now, two separate groups have sought to challenge the law in federal court. 

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Iowa Legislature Joins Chorus of States Introducing Bills that Intrude On Academic Freedom and Free Speech

Iowa has joined the growing list of states where the legislature has introduced a bill mandating what can and cannot be taught in its public schools, in clear opposition to the First Amendment.

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James Madison
[The] right of freely examining public characters and measures, and of free communication among the people thereon, which has ever been justly deemed the only effectual guardian of every other right.”
-James Madison, Report on the Virginia Resolutions, 1800
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