Video Recordings
Amr Alfiky

New York Police Arrest Journalist While Recording Another Man’s Arrest

“I am a journalist! I am a journalist” the video shows Alfiky yelling. Alfiky also offered to show his press pass and insisted that he did not refuse their orders.

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Appeals Court Considers Massachusetts’ Law Against Secretly Recording Police

The ACLU of Massachusetts says that the law, which was originally written to protect citizens from government surveillance, is now used to punish people for exercising their First Amendment right to gather information about public officials.

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Resident Sues Minnesota City For Prohibitions On Filming In Public Parks

The City of Bloomington, Minnesota is being sued over a recently enacted city ordinance that prohibits filming children in public parks without their parents’ permission. Bloomington resident Sally Ness filed a suit in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota, arguing that the ordinance violates her First Amendment right to film in public spaces.

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