First Amendment Auditors
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First Amendment Auditor Sues NYPD After Arrest for Filming Inside Precinct Lobby

A journalist who was arrested for recording inside of a New York Police Department precinct sued the city July 24, claiming a department policy violates state law and his First Amendment right to record police.

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A U.S. District Judge Dismissed a Police Recording Case in Iowa. The ACLU Says Judge Erred in His Ruling.

According to the plaintiff’s complaint, Daniel Robbins was filming outside a police department in May 2018, having noticed that a police vehicle had been parked in a “no parking” spot. Citing suspicious behavior, the officers detained Robbins, seized his cell phone, recording equipment, and memory cards.

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“First Amendment Auditors” Sue Boulder Police Department For Violating Their First Amendment Rights

  For an in depth examination of First Amendment Auditors and the right to film in public, click on the link below: Two self-described “First Amendment auditors” are suing the […]

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