Anonymous Speech
Rally in support of Palestinians, in New York City

NY Governor’s Subway Mask Ban Proposal Sparks Debate Over Right to Anonymous Protest

The restrictions raise constitutional questions since they appear aimed at stopping a specific group from an activity that is widely practiced by members of the public.

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Virginia Lieutenant Governor Candidate Files Defamation Lawsuit Concerning Anonymous Text Message

On May 4th, a candidate seeking the Republican nomination for Virginia Lieutenant Governor filed a defamation lawsuit against “Jane Doe,” after an anonymous text message was sent to convention delegates calling him a “gay Democrat.”

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Hartford Police Lieutenant Sues to Unmask Anonymous Commenters

According to the complaint, some of the site’s commenters include police officers who have used the blog’s comments section to defame the lieutenant.

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Devin Nunes Tries to Unmask Cow Account, Raising Concerns over Anonymous Speech

In a new amicus brief, Public Citizen and the American Civil Liberties Union argue that Nunes cannot legally pursue the identity of the anonymous speaker without first proving he has a valid defamation claim. Without meeting this legal standard, they write, the court could threaten people's First Amendment right to anonymous speech.

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