Campus Speech

What is the State of Academic Freedom As More Professors Face Increasing Backlash?


An NPR report finds that “across the country, in the past year and a half, at least 250 university professors…have been targeted via online campaigns because of their research, their teaching or their social media posts.” In an highly charged political environment, professors find that retaliation for their commentary is often swift and vitriolic. What does that mean for campus free speech?

November 15, 2017: What Free Speech Rights Do Professors Have to Speak Without Retaliation?

In an Opinion piece in the Washington Post, Howard Gillman, Chancellor and professor of law and political science at the University of California at Irvine and Erwin Chemerinsky, dean and professor at the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Law, write that academic freedom protections for faculty has been “vital for the rise of modern American colleges and universities.” They conclude that “on campuses, no one should be censored or punished merely because of the ideas they express, and we should all stand against threats, harassment and violence.”

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