New York Governor Kathy Hochul

Struggling To Stop Illegal Cannabis Stores, NY Governor Asks Online Sites To Hide Them

In a statement, Yelp said the company believes “consumers have a First Amendment right to read and write about all businesses, even if unlicensed.”

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Scales of Justice

Minnesota Appeals Courts Finds Substantial Truth Doctrine Protects Online Reviewer

A former customer’s online review of a person and business who worked on her home was not defamatory because the challenged statements in the review were substantially true, a Minnesota appeals court has ruled.  

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David Nunes

Virginia Legislature Looks to Strengthen State’s Anti-SLAPP Law

Current loopholes in the state's law have lured a number of individuals into using Virginia courts to intimidate their critics. For example, of the six defamation complaints Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) filed in the past year, four were filed in Virginia.

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Yelp logo

Ballard Spahr: A Five-Star Decision: Yelp’s Recent Victory Reaffirms Broad Protections of Section 230

Reprinted with Permission from Ballard Spahr In a closely watched decision with significant ramifications for online speech, earlier this week, the California Supreme Court struck down an injunction requiring Yelp, […]

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Yelp Case Demonstrates How To Out Anonymous Speakers

The online consumer review site, Yelp, tried to protect the anonymity of a reviewer who wrote a dismissive piece about accountancy, Montagna & Associates, Inc., for overcharging and harassment. Montagna sued […]

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