South Carolina
International Transgender Day of Visibility rally and protest in Tucson

Conservative States Challenge Federal Rule on Treatment of Transgender Students

Several Republican state attorneys general are arguing that the new policies would hurt women and girls, trample free speech rights and create burdens for the states.

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A guard tower is seen at the Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville

South Carolina Bans Inmates From In-Person Interviews. A Lawsuit Wants To Change That

The lawsuit also targets the prisons ban that prohibits inmates from directly publishing their own words, though they can be quoted in part or summarized in a publication.

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FBI headquarters building is seen in Washington

White Couple Who Burned a Cross in Yard Facing Black Neighbors Investigated by FBI

In 2003 the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment allows bans on cross burnings only when they are intended to intimidate.

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Ellen Weaver, South Carolina's 19th State Superintendent of Education.

South Carolina Education Board Weighing Limits on ‘Age Appropriate’ Materials

The regulation is the latest effort from conservative policymakers to restrict public school students’ access to books covering topics of race, gender identity and sexual orientation.

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LAPD Sergeant

South Carolina Supreme Court Overturns Order That Barred Disclosure of Police Body-Camera Footage

Breaking News Update South Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald Beatty vacated the order that would have prohibited lawyers from sharing police body-camera footage. The judge objected to the administrative […]

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