Social Media Censorship
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The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether State Laws Limiting Social Media Platforms Violate the Constitution

The Supreme Court agreed Friday to decide whether state laws that seek to regulate Facebook, TikTok, X and other social media platforms violate the Constitution.

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Concerns Raised On Judge’s Injunction Against Government Communications with Social Media Platforms

A federal judge in Louisiana granted a preliminary injunction blocking the Biden administration and key government agencies from communicating with major social media platforms about user content the sites host— a ruling which could result in major First Amendment implications.

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Supreme Court to Decide if it will Hear Case of Florida’s Social Media Censorship Law

A federal appeals court unanimously found Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ social media censorship law unconstitutional in May 2022, and upheld a preliminary injunction barring enforcement of the law.

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Florida’s New Social Media Law Suffers from Serious Constitutional Flaws

A Florida law signed by Governor Ron DeSantis on May 24, 2021, that regulates what speech social media companies must allow and disallow suffers from serious constitutional problems.  It already has been challenged in federal court by NetChoice, a lobbying firm that represents Twitter, Facebook, and other online companies, and Computer & Communications Industry Association.   

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New Florida Law Takes Aim at Social Media Platforms Over Alleged Censorship

On May 24th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill that aims to curb alleged censorship by social media platforms. The new law, SB 7072, levies financial penalties on social media companies for deplatforming candidates for public office, and affords users the opportunity to sue for alleged censorship.

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