California Legislature Considers Law Limiting Protest Activity Near Vaccine Sites

If passed, SB742 would create a 100-foot buffer zone around vaccination clinics where individuals cannot “knowingly approach a person... for the purpose of obstructing, injuring, harassing, intimidating, or interfering with... that person in connection with any vaccination services.” 

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Anti-Abortion Group Loses First Amendment Case Against City of Detroit

On June 7th, a Michigan federal court dismissed a First Amendment challenge filed against the city of Detroit by a group of anti-abortion protesters. The case offers an interesting look at how courts balance public safety concerns against the right to protest.

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FAQ: The First Amendment and Campus Life

These frequently asked questions and answers provide the basic information incoming students need to know about how the First Amendment applies to speech on campus. This FAQ is meant to be used as a reference for students, which administrators can link to or copy for their own sites. FIRE and First Amendment Watch are available to help adapt the language to best suit a particular campus’s needs.

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