Jim Acosta
Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Teacher Guide: Press Briefings and Journalists’ Rights

Though politicians and journalists need one another, their interactions are by nature often adversarial. A key part of a reporter’s job is to look beyond the story public officials want to tell and to ask uncomfortable questions. But when officials believe reporters go too far, can they ban them from attending future gatherings? And what First Amendment or other rights protect reporters from such actions?

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Donald Trump and CNN's Jim Acosta

White House Restores Acosta’s Press Pass, Announces New Rules in Press Room

Following a two-week long legal battle over CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's White House access that played out on the national stage, the White House has reinstated his press credentials that were suspended earlier this month. But will a new set of rules and more strain on the relationship between the president and the press have a chilling effect on press freedom?

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