International Transgender Day of Visibility rally and protest in Tucson

Conservative States Challenge Federal Rule on Treatment of Transgender Students

Several Republican state attorneys general are arguing that the new policies would hurt women and girls, trample free speech rights and create burdens for the states.

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Alabama State House, Montgomery, West view

Alabama Lawmakers Advance Bill That Could Lead to Prosecution of Librarians

Opponents argued the proposal would threaten librarians with criminal prosecution if community members disagreed with their decisions on books and programs.

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The Treasury Department is pictured in Washington

Small Business Reporting Requirement Found Unconstitutional by Alabama Federal Judge

The National Small Business Association argued that the reporting rule violates the Constitution's privacy and free-speech protections.

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Escambia County Sheriff's Office photos of Atmore News publisher Sherry Digmon (left) and reporter Don Fletcher (right)

Newspaper Publisher and Reporter Arrested, Accused of Revealing Grand Jury Information

The small newspaper published an article saying the school system had received a subpoena seeking information about bonuses paid from pandemic relief funds.

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How an Email to Students about a College Football Game Turned into a Free Speech Controversy

“The issue wasn’t that the SGA email said ‘Protest Trump and you’ll be kicked out'," a student at the University of Alabama said. "The issue was that the timing was suspect, and seemed intended to have a chilling effect on students who may have been planning on booing or protesting."

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Paint Rock, Arkansas post office

Media and Non-Residents Banned From Meetings in Alabama Town

The Jackson County Sentinel reported that the 200-person town of Paint Rock, Alabama is trying to ban members of the media and non-residents from attending Town Council meetings without prior […]

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