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Did San Francisco Silence Hate Speech or Trample Freedom of Speech?

Joey Gibson, head of Patriot Prayer, cancelled a rally he had planned in San Francisco after the his followers received anonymous threats on social media. “Freedom Rally” was to take place at Crissy Field, a recreational area near the Golden Gate Bridge; Gibson had then said he would hold a press conference at a city park but officials walled off the area to prevent any violence with counterprotestors. “Right now, we had to cancel the rally … It was the best thing to do for the city … because the way it was set up is that a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt,” Gibson stated. Counter-protestors marched throughout the day with an anti-right wing extremist message.

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: Patriot Prayer Gets “First Amendment” Permit For Rally From National Park Service

Patriot Prayer and other groups can tap into the National Park Service’s “First Amendment” rule to support freedom of speech in designated areas.

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