Former US Senate candidate Roy Moore Files Defamation Suit Against Female Accusers

Roy Moore campaign sign

In an escalation of defamation lawsuits brought by and against Roy Moore for alleged sexual misconduct, the latest volley is from the former US Senate candidate. In the Circuit Court of Etowah County, Ala, Moore filed a defamation suit against Debbie Wesson Gibson, Beverly Young Nelson, Leigh Corfman and Tina Johnson. The complaint states among others that “defendants Leigh Corfman, Beverly Nelson, and Tina Johnson have all defamed Judge Moore by accusing him of immoral acts he never committed and adamantly denies.”

This all began in January when Leigh Corfman sued Moore for defamation for denying her claims of abuse. In early April, Moore filed a counterclaim against Corfman. His counterclaim states, “Leigh Corfman knowingly, willingly and maliciously made statements she knew to be false to the Washington Post with the intention and knowledge that such statements would damage the reputation of Mr. Moore.”

WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, AL

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