Susanna Granieri
Researcher and Reporter

Susanna Granieri is a recent graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Her past internships include writing for the Legislative Gazette, an Albany-based newspaper focused on legislation, policy and politics; and working as an Immersion Fellow at the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting, where she investigated the use of faulty forensic science in death penalty convictions in Mississippi and nationally.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani departs defamation lawsuit at the District Courthouse in Washington

Could Defamation Law Combat the Spread of Political Disinformation?

Attorneys Michael Gottlieb and Meryl Governski spoke about political disinformation, the impact of social media, and the hope that large damage awards will deter future bad actors.

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TV host George Stephanopoulos appears on ABC TV's "Good Morning America" in Central Park in the Manhattan borough of New York

George Freeman on Trump’s Defamation Lawsuit Against ABC, Stephanopoulos

This suit is different from others filed by the former president against the press, Freeman said, but Trump’s reputation of making derogatory remarks about women poses legal hurdles.

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jacob mchangama headshot

Vanderbilt’s Jacob Mchangama on the First Amendment Implications of Generative AI

Mchangama discussed the First Amendment implications of generative AI and expressed concerns over government censorship of certain AI-generated content.

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Jack Sweeney headshot

College Student Jack Sweeney on His Efforts to Track Taylor Swift’s Private Jet

Sweeney discussed how jet tracking works, the importance of transparency, and his hope that his projects could make this information more accessible.

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laura handman headshot

Attorney Laura Handman on Defending the New York Post with the Fair Report Privilege

Handman discussed the differences between Montana and New York’s fair report privileges and the importance of being able to report on official proceedings.

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Mark Rasch headshot

Attorney Mark Rasch on the Indictment of Freelance Journalist Tim Burke

The case has raised concerns among press freedom advocates who have warned of its possible chilling effect on investigative journalism.

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Marion County Record office

Kansas Newspaper Owner Eric Meyer on the Police Raid of His Newsroom

In an interview with First Amendment Watch, the Marion County Record owner and publisher spoke about the police raid on his newsroom and nationwide outrage it sparked.

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alex abdo headshot

The Knight Institute’s Alex Abdo on ‘Jawboning’ Social Media Case Before the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is tasked with deciding whether the Biden administration’s efforts to curtail mis- and disinformation online violates the First Amendment.

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