University of Southern California
Low Memorial Library at Columbia University in New York City, April 14, 2021.

Columbia Cancels Main Commencement After Weeks of Pro-Palestinian Protests

Noting that the past few weeks have been “incredibly difficult” for the community, the school said in its announcement that it made the decision after discussions with students.

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People protest in support of Palestinians in Gaza at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles

USC Cancels Commencement Amid Protests, Drawing Criticism From Students, Alumni

The protests over the Israel-Hamas conflict pose a tough test for colleges nationwide as administrators seek to balance free speech and open debate against pressures over campus safety.

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Protest encampment at University Yard in support of Palestinians in Gaza

As Some Universities Negotiate With Pro-Palestinian Protesters, Others Quickly Call the Police

Officials at some schools have been negotiating with student protesters who have rebuffed police and doubled down. Other schools have quickly turned to law enforcement to douse demonstrations before they can take hold.

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College students protest on University of Michigan campus

A Look at the Gaza War Protests That Have Emerged on US College Campuses

Protests on many campuses have been orchestrated by coalitions of student groups. The groups largely act independently, though students say they’re inspired by peers at other universities.

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Protests continue at Columbia University in New York during the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas

Colleges Seek to Balance Safety and Students’ Right to Protest Gaza War

Since the war began, colleges and universities have struggled to balance campus safety with free speech rights amid intense student debate and protests.

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The Center for International and Public Affairs building at the University of Southern California

Citing Safety, USC Cancels Speech by Valedictorian Who Supported Palestinians

A First Amendment attorney expressed concern about cancelling events that could be perceived as censorship, and the possibility of other schools buckling to pressure.

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