Special counsel Jack Smith
Donald Trump visits Aberdeen, Scotland

In Challenge To Indictment, Trump’s Lawyers Argue He Had Good Basis To Question Election

The filing is the clearest indication yet that Trump’s lawyers are hoping to sow doubt before a jury in the legitimacy of the race or at least make the case that his skepticism was justified.

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump campaigns in Derry, New Hampshire

Trump’s Lawyers Raise New Challenges to Federal Election Subversion Case

The motions contend that the indictment should be dismissed because it violates the former president’s free speech rights and represents a vindictive prosecution.

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FILE PHOTO: Former U.S. President Trump holds rally in Florence, South Carolina

Trump Appeals Limited Gag Order Imposed on Him in Election Interference Case

Former President Donald Trump is appealing a narrow gag order that bars him from making statements attacking people involved in his election interference case.

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