Man using iPhone 7 with social media apps

Judge Blocks Enforcement of Ohio Law Limiting Kids’ Use of Social Media

The decision to grant a preliminary injunction prevents the law from taking effect while a lawsuit filed earlier this month by NetChoice winds its way through court.

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KeyBoard Hatespeech

Group Representing TikTok, Meta and X Sues Ohio Over Limits on Kids’ Social Media Use

Ohio’s law requires social media companies to obtain a parent’s permission for children under 16 to sign up for social media and gaming apps.

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NewsNation journalist Evan Lambert arrested

Journalist Sues Ohio City Over Arrest During Live Television Broadcast

Evan Lambert, a Washington, D.C.- based correspondent for the television network NewsNation, claimed the arrest violated his First Amendment rights.

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recording police

ACLU Files Lawsuit On Behalf of Ohio Man Who Was Arrested For Recording Police

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio is suing the Columbus, Ohio police for arresting a 35-year old man while he was recording six officers serving a search warrant in his neighborhood. 

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Ohio University

Ohio Senate Passes Campus Speech Bill Limiting Imposition of Security Fees

The Ohio State Senate passed a new bill on campus speech on January 28th that will prohibit free speech zones, and ban the imposition of security fees based on the controversial nature of the speaker’s expression. 

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