North Carolina
U.S. President Joe Biden campaigns in Raleigh

Bill Defining Antisemitism in North Carolina Signed by Governor

“While we protect the right to free speech, this legislation helps to make our state a more welcoming, inclusive and safe place for everyone,” the governor said.

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COVID-19 mask

North Carolina’s Restrictions on Public Mask-Wearing Are Law After Some Revisions

During the bill’s pathway through the legislature, GOP lawmakers said it was, in part, a response to widespread protests on college campuses against the war in Gaza.

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Drone Pilot Can’t Offer Mapping Without North Carolina Surveyor’s License, Court Says

The judge who authored the panel's opinion said determining whether a business prohibition on the pilot's mapping crosses over to a significant speech restriction can be difficult.

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Protests in support of Palestinians continue at Columbia University in New York

NC Bill To Curb Mask-Wearing in Protests Could Make It Illegal for Medical Reasons Too

One critic of the bill, prompted in part by the recent wave of protests on universities nationwide, called the legislation an "anti-protest bill" that aimed to curb free speech.

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supreme court building

Supreme Court Rejects North Carolina’s Appeal in Ag-Gag Law Dispute

The Supreme Court rejected North Carolina’s appeal in a dispute with animal rights groups over a law aimed at preventing undercover investigations at farms.

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North Carolina Republican lawmakers hold a vote to override Democratic governor's veto of abortion bill

Proposed North Carolina Budget Would Exempt Legislators From Public Records Disclosures

Republican state lawmakers in North Carolina are attempting to exempt themselves from public records laws meant to safeguard transparency with a budget provision allowing them to keep any legislative document private — even after they leave office.

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Livestreaming Police during a Traffic Stop is Protected Speech, Fourth Circuit Says

A North Carolina man sued a police department and two officers for violating his First Amendment right to record and livestream as a passenger during a traffic stop. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled Feb. 7 that livestreaming the police is protected speech.

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North Carolina Supreme Court Upholds Defamation Ruling Against Investigative Reporter

In reviewing the case, the North Carolina Supreme Court found that the reporter had omitted important information and mispresented quotes from sources. This, along with other evidence, led the court to conclude that article's false statements had not resulted from "mere negligence" but from a "purposeful avoidance of the truth."

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