Scales of Justice

Can a Public Body Censure Its Members Without Raising First Amendment Concerns?

A public body censures one of its members who had been criticizing the body, filing lawsuits against the body, and accusing the body of not complying with state law.  The public body then censures the member. The member claims that the censure was a retaliatory act against his critical speech. This scenario forms the basis of the case, Houston Community College System v. Wilson, that the Supreme Court will review this term. 

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Virginia Senate

Virginia Lawmaker Files Lawsuit After State Senate Votes to Censure Her

On February 1st, a Virginia state senator filed a federal lawsuit against the Senate of Virginia, the lieutenant governor, and the president of the Senate after lawmakers voted to censure her for speaking at then-President Donald Trump’s rally prior to the attack on the Capitol on January 6th. 

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