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The social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Supreme Court Seems Favorable to Biden Admin in Landmark Social Media Case

Justices seemed broadly skeptical of accusations that Biden administration officials leaned on social media platforms to unconstitutionally squelch conservative viewpoints.

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Biden Admin Says Colleges Must Fight ‘Alarming Rise’ in Antisemitism, Islamophobia

In a Tuesday letter, the Education Department said there’s “renewed urgency” to fight discrimination against students during the Israel-Hamas war.

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Supreme Court Blocks Restrictions on White House Contacts With Social Media Companies

The justices said they would hear arguments in a lawsuit accusing administration officials of unconstitutionally squelching conservative points of view.

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Court Softens Limits on Biden Administration’s Contact With Social Media Companies

A federal appeals court Friday significantly whittled down a lower court’s order curbing Biden administration communications with social media companies over controversial content about COVID-19 and other issues.

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Concerns Raised On Judge’s Injunction Against Government Communications with Social Media Platforms

A federal judge in Louisiana granted a preliminary injunction blocking the Biden administration and key government agencies from communicating with major social media platforms about user content the sites host— a ruling which could result in major First Amendment implications.

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