Prior Restraint

Iowa Judge Who Told Des Moines Register to Stop Story Publication Reverses His Own Order

Iowa Supreme Court

Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins reversed his prior restraint order, allowing the Des Moines Register to publish its piece about lawyer Jaysen McCleary. The Des Moines Register quotes McCleary stating he will take the case to the US Supreme Court.

Des Moines Register
December 16, 2017: Silencing Press An Issue as Des Moines Register Barred From Publishing Story

Jaysen McCleary, a lawyer licensed in Iowa and now living in Montana, sued the Des Moines Register and one of its reporters to stop the publication of a story because of privacy concerns related to confidential court records; he asked Iowa Courts to seal records from cases in which he was either the attorney or a plaintiff. On December 11, Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins ordered the Register to refrain from publishing information in these court records. The issue: the Register had obtained the records before they were sealed; therefore, they argued they had a right to publish.

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