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Marjorie Heins

Authors Share Excerpts on Free Speech: Marjorie Heins on Some of its Ironies and Complications

Ironies and Complications of Free Speech, a collection of the best writing from the Free Expression Policy Project (2001-2017), covers topics that range from loyalty oaths, junk science to the FCC’s censorship of “indecency” on the airwaves, Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2004 Super Bowl, and other controversies.

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Catherine Ross headshot

Authors Share Excerpts on Free Speech: Catherine J. Ross and Lessons in Censorship

Ross's book "highlights the troubling and growing tendency of schools to clamp down on off-campus speech such as texting and sexting and reveals how well-intentioned measures to counter verbal bullying and hate speech may impinge on free speech. Throughout, Ross proposes ways to protect free expression without disrupting education." - Harvard University Press.

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Professor Amy Gajda

Authors Share Excerpts on Free Speech: Amy Gajda and The First Amendment Bubble

The First Amendment Bubble , "In determining the news that’s fit to print, U.S. courts have traditionally declined to second-guess professional journalists. But in an age when news, entertainment, and new media outlets are constantly pushing the envelope of acceptable content, the consensus over press freedoms is eroding." - Harvard University Press

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Authors Share Excerpts on Free Speech: Erwin Chemerinsky & Howard Gillman and Free Speech on Campus

Free Speech on Campus "provides the background necessary to understanding the importance of free speech on campus and offers clear prescriptions for what colleges can and can’t do when dealing with free speech controversies." - Yale University Press

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Authors Share Excerpts on Free Speech: Charles Slack and Liberty’s First Crisis

Liberty’s First Crisis:Adams, Jefferson, and the Misfits Who Saved Free Speech "tells the story of the 1798 Sedition Act, the crucial moment when high ideals met real-world politics and the country’s future hung in the balance. From a loudmouth in a bar to a firebrand politician to Benjamin Franklin’s own grandson, those victimized by the Sedition Act were as varied as the country’s citizenry." - Grove Atlantic

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Authors Share Excerpts on Free Speech: Thomas Healy and The Great Dissent

The Great Dissent: How Oliver Wendell Holmes Changed His Mind--and Changed the History of Free Speech in America "is a fascinating glimpse into an art that seems lost in law and politics today: the art of changing one's mind. In meticulous detail, Healy tells us how the great jurist, who had staunchly upheld criminal convictions in free speech cases just months before, changed his mind in Abrams." - The Atlantic

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