Attacks on the Press

Media Called “The Enemy” in New Trump Ad

Donald Trump

Amid new Gallup poll numbers that show President Trump’s approval ratings at an all time low, the administration has released a new video touting Trump’s accomplishments and accusing the media of “standing in the way” of his agenda.

New York Times

August 14, 2017:  All The President’s “Enemies”

A USA Today piece lists the names of the journalists who appear in President Trump’s ad as “enemies” of his agenda.

USA Today
:  CNN Declines to Air “Let President Trump Do His Job” Ad

In May, CNN refused to air an ad from President Trump’s team which used the term “fake news.” CNN is once again declined to run a second ad which shows images of CNN anchors and calls the media “enemies” of the administration. “CNN would accept the ad if the images of reporters and anchors are removed,” the network told BuzzFeed News. The Administration is accusing CNN of censorship.

Buzzfeed News