May 15, 2018: A White House Full of Leaks Prompts Trump To Retaliate on Twitter

President Trump continued making a connection between fake news and negative press coverage (see FAW piece, President Trump Takes Fake News Accusations To New Level Tweeting Negative Coverage Equals Fake News) while simultaneously attacking leakers in his own Administration calling them “traitors” and “cowards.” Although CNN’s Brian Stelter points out Trump’s Justice Department “has prosecuted a few cases involving alleged leakers, not nearly as many as some media watchdogs feared, or as many as some Trump allies hoped,” calling out leakers as traitors chills a free press. FAW’s spotlight on leakers (Crackdown on Leakers From Obama to Trump Chills A Free Press) points out that “aggressive prosecution of leakers began under President Obama – with the most famous case, Edward Snowden, still in hiding in Russia – and continues under President Trump. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rumored to even be considering a lie detector test to ferret out leakers.”

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