MLRC is a non-profit membership association for content providers in all media, and for their defense lawyers, providing a wide range of resources on media and content law and policy issues.  These include news and analysis of legal, legislative and regulatory developments; litigation resources and practice guides; and national and international media law conferences and meetings. MLRC also works with its membership to respond to legislative and policy proposals, and speaks to the press and public on media law and First Amendment issues.

MLRC was founded in 1980 by leading American publishers and broadcasters to assist in defending and protecting free press rights under the First Amendment. Today MLRC is supported by over one hundred and fifteen members, including leading publishers, broadcasters, and cable programmers, internet operations, media and professional trade associations, and media insurance professionals in America and around the world. The MLRC’s Defense Counsel Section includes more than 200 law firms worldwide that specialize in media defense representation.

Among MLRC’s Resources:


MLRC MediaLawDaily – Published daily by e-mail, the Daily links to breaking news stories from the U.S. and the world on media law and business issues, and to decisions, briefs and legislative initiatives.

MLRC MediaLawLetter – Published monthly, the MediaLawLetter is the leading professional news source for developments in media law and policy, with reports on decisions and statutory developments.

MLRC Bulletin – Published three times a year, the Bulletin is an in-depth journal on media law developments and trends, including  studies of U.S. media libel, privacy and related trials.

MLRC 50-State Surveys – Three annually updated treatises – Media Libel Law – Media Privacy and Related Law – Employment Libel and Privacy Law  – are the leading litigation guides to the law in these fields, with detailed state-by-state information.

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