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Iowa Supreme Court

Iowa Judge Who Told Des Moines Register to Stop Story Publication Reverses His Own Order

December 19, 2017: Judge Reverses Prior Restraint Order, Plaintiff Says He Will Apply to US Supreme Court  Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins reversed his prior restraint order, allowing the Des Moines Register to publish its piece about lawyer Jaysen McCleary. The Des Moines Register quotes McCleary stating he will take the case to the US Supreme Court. December 16,[Read More…]

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Lata Nott, Executive Director of the Newseum Institute’s First Amendment Center

Lata Nott Podcast: Journalism in the Age of Trump

The Newseum Institute’s First Amendment expert, Lata Nott, originally published this podcast on the Newseum blog, and has given First Amendment Watch permission to reprint.     _____________________________________________________________________________ In this episode of The First Five, Lata Nott talks to Carrie Budoff Brown, editor of POLITICO, about the unique challenges of covering the Trump Administration, running a growing news media company, and being[Read More…]

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Trump Rally 2 by Gage Skidmore

Presidential Calls For Reporter Firings Chill Press Freedom

  December 10, 2017: PEN America Says President Trump Violated First Amendment In a statement responding to President Trump’s tweet calling for the firing of the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel, PEN American Director Suzanne Nossel wrote “For the President to call for a reporter to be fired infringes on the First Amendment, even if the journalist’s private employer has the wisdom to[Read More…]

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LOS ANGELES - FEB 26: Summer Zervos, Gloria Allred at the 27th Annual Night of 100 Stars Oscar Viewing Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 26, 2017 in Beverly Hills, CA

Will A Defamation Suit Brought By An Ex-Apprentice Against President Trump Go Forward?

December 6, 2017: Both Side Argue Points in Defamation Case Against President Trump As the #MeToo movement overtakes nearly every industry, President Trump also faces a moment of reckoning. Will a judge who heard arguments this week from both sides in the defamation case of Summer Zervos against the president allow the case to move forward? November 1, 2017: Zervos[Read More…]

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Privacy and Press Freedom Argued in Carpenter v United States

Privacy and Press Freedom Argued in Carpenter v United States

November 30, 2017: In Carpenter v United States Arguments, Supreme Justices Find Common Ground in Digital Privacy Across the ideological spectrum, Supreme Court Justices on Wednesday appeared to find common ground in that “mass searches of our digital effects would be as invasive and unreasonable as the hated general warrants that helped spark the American Revolution.” Jeffrey Rosen compiles statements made[Read More…]

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Project Veritas Vs. Washington Post

Project Veritas Vs. Washington Post

November 27, 2017: Washington Post Says Project Veritas Sent Fake Source With Fake Information About Alabama’s Roy Moore Washington Post reporters met with Jaime T. Phillips who claimed she was abused by Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore leading up to an abortion. The Post did not publish the story and confronted Phillips. Project Veritas called it an ‘imagined’ sting and claimed its[Read More…]

November 28, 2017 Top Stories
What International Journalists Have to Worry About After President’s Recent Twitter Tirade

What International Journalists Have to Worry About After President’s Recent Twitter Tirade

  November 27, 2017: The DOJ Opposes the AT&T–Time Warner merger; Trump Tweets The Atlantic asks how is the U.S. Department of Justice’s complaint against the proposed AT&T–Time Warner merger related to President Trump’s subsequent tweet against CNN International which caused much consternation on Twitter including from General Michael Hayden, a former director of the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency. If[Read More…]

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Judge Refuses to Enforce Prior Restraint Against EFF

Judge Refuses to Enforce Prior Restraint Against EFF

November 17, 2017: Federal Judge Says Australian Court Cannot Tell US-based EFF To Take Down Article A federal judge ruled that an order issued by an Australian court to take down an article published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation could not be enforced in the United States. EFF had published a story on June 30, 2016 that featured the Global[Read More…]

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Yelp Case Demos How To Out Anonymous Speakers

Yelp Case Demos How To Out Anonymous Speakers

November 16, 2017: Mixed Ruling Supports Social Platforms Standing, But Opens Door to Out Anonymous Speakers The online consumer review site, Yelp, tried to protect the anonymity of a reviewer who wrote a dismissive piece about accountancy, Montagna & Associates, Inc., for overcharging and harassment. Montagna sued for defamation and requested access to the reviewer’s name. The California Appeals Court agreed[Read More…]

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Court Rules Baring Breasts Not Protected by First Amendment

Court Rules Baring Breasts Not Protected by First Amendment

November 8, 2017: Court Rules Against Topless Protestor The United States Court of Appeals for the  Seventh Circuit ruled that a Chicago ordinance did not violate the First Amendment freedom of speech or the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause  when it was used against a woman exposing her breasts in public as part of a political protest. Sonoku Tagami was[Read More…]

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