LOS ANGELES - FEB 26: Summer Zervos, Gloria Allred at the 27th Annual Night of 100 Stars Oscar Viewing Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 26, 2017 in Beverly Hills, CA

Will A Defamation Suit Brought By An Ex-Apprentice Against President Trump Go Forward?

December 6, 2017: Both Side Argue Points in Defamation Case Against President Trump As the #MeToo movement overtakes nearly every industry, President Trump also faces a moment of reckoning. Will a judge who heard arguments this week from both sides in the defamation case of Summer Zervos against the president allow the case to move forward? November 1, 2017: Zervos[Read More…]

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ABC Settles “Pink Slime” Defamation Suit

ABC Settles “Pink Slime” Defamation Suit

Companies may have stronger libel protections based on new laws on the books.

October 27, 2017 Libel
United States Supreme Court Building

Emotional Distress

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress A satiric attack on Jerry Falwell, a Baptist pastor and founder of the conservative group, the Moral Majority, resulted in a major Supreme Court opinion protecting the First Amendment rights of satirists to deliver commentary mocking public figures in America. Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler Magazine, initiated the conflict in 1983 when he published[Read More…]

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J3NE4D Ohio, USA. 19th Apr, 2017. Robert Murray, the 77-year-old founder and CEO of Murray Energy Corporation, talks in his office in St. Clairsville in Ohio, United States, 19 April 2017. The coal industry in the state has set its hopes on president Donald Trump and fracking. Photo: Andreas Hoenig/dpa/Alamy Live News

Defamation Suit By Coal Baron Against John Oliver Gets Green Light to Proceed

Coal magnate Robert Murray has a long history of suing the media – at least nine organizations at last count. His latest targets: HBO’s John Oliver and The New York Times. He claims that both misrepresented safety at his coal mines and attacked him personally. He even asked for an emergency “gag order” against rebroadcast of Oliver’s segment arguing it was hurting[Read More…]

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Donald Trump’s Plans for Libel Laws

Donald Trump’s Plans for Libel Laws

What do President Trump’s plans to “Open Up” libel laws mean?

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